I was born 14. december 1947. In contrest to other female performers, I had never disbelieved my age. Originally my name is Charlotte Sacher. When communism ended up in Hungary and democracy camed, my family also had to change our surname for something more hungarian, it became Zalatnay. I love music from my childhood, my parents intended me to became an opera singer, but a tonsillectomy changed my voice and a gruss sound is not so able for their wish. I have played on the piano for 7 years, and start singing when I was 16, in Toldy Secondary school, where my major subjects were english and gymnastic. Later I learned cosmetics, then I’ve done superlative examinasions of german and english languages and also from music.

I account myself to a festival singer, because I won the most awards at Hungarian Song Contest and on the internationals too. I’ve lived and

study in England for 2 years, where they called me Red Sarolta, because of the singer who came behind „iron curtin” at the communism. I was singing in East, West and central Europe, in Russia, in the USA, Canada, Australia, and in South America too. I brought out 16 albums, 9 CD-s, and also a half hundred of song, in english and in hungarian as well. I was singing with world famous pop stars like: Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Beach Boys, Queen, Lyonel Richie, Cool and the Gang, etc. I made talk shows for telivision chanels with: Isabella Rossellini, Ivana Tramp, Gina Lollobrigida, Antony Perkins and Chicciolina.


     "...my parents intended me to became an opera singer..."

My genre is romantic rock, blues and I also like gospel. I played in several television and moovie films like: Fuss, hogy utolérjenek (Run, or I ’ll catch you) Nyári Kaland (Flirt at summer), Szép lányok ne sírjatok (Beauties, don’t cry), Ezek a fiatalok ( Young ones) , Kenguru (Kenguru), and also in the first hungarian interactive bulvar moovie: Holnap Történt (Happened Tomorrow).

Nature and animal protection means a lot in my life, I working in it as well, and I was also an advisor at the Animal Protection’s Act.

I’m supporting charities for: diseased, orphanded children, retireds and all people at a disadvantage. I was always an amatory and emotional person, wich brang on difficulty in my personal life a lot of times, but at work on stage it brang success. By my music, people really appraise my candor and love. I had three husbands, and three companions. From my second husband, My daughter borned, Sarolta Nikolett, who is 20 and study at University.

I published 11 books, with more then a million readers, I became one of the most successful writer in the country. Likwise with the Playboy, where I am the recorder with the 90 thousand copies in the country. I create fashion with my look and I was a main woman for tinage girls.I was the first woman who weard miniskirt and boots and the typical  „Cini bangs”. My music, my lifestyle and my look is subject at University, people call me the European Janis Joplin.  


"People call me the European Janis Joplin"

Unfortunately, I did not catch on buisness so my own telivison enterprise went bust.

To the best of my belief, my naivety, good faith and the bad advisors caused a „show litigation” for the public, wich proved that: fame and stardom do not stand for celebrities in these situations. I was away from home for 2 years, wich was a spiritual leraning and it has added me to a higher level, as my friends says. My love and opennes hadn’t changed until now, after all.

I will publish a new CD at summer 2009 with the title: Magadat vállalni kell (You must assume yourself). We started a successful concert around the country in march 2009 for a year time, the name with: Táncdalfesztivál anno (Memory of the Hungarian Song Contest). I’m planing several concerts for transborder hungarians and I’ll have concerts in Canada, England and int he USA, again.

Do you know what's my favorites?